Sunday, April 13, 2014

{Flashback} Knox: 1 Month!

Ok, going back a few months :)  I wrote this on time but didn't get the pictures posted.  So here goes :) Note that he is now actually almost 4 months old.  Poor, poor second baby!

Knox Joseph, you are a month old!  You are so easy so far-- I think we know what's going on a little better too.  And we get easily distracted by a little 2 year old wild man that we also run after.  But you are a little rock star who just hangs out in your swing. We love you.

At your one month appointment, you weighed 10 lbs 8 ounces (up from 9lbs 5 ounces at birth).  The doctor said you are doing great!

You eat between 6 and 8 ounces when you take a bottle.  You are a pretty good sleeper-- you easily fell into a 4 hours schedule (eating at 6am, 10am, and 2pm in the day; then roughly 6pm, 10pm, and 2am).  You have gone some longer stretches and I am so thankful for that.

Is it inappropriate to say that you are a gassy, pooping machine?? I have never seen anything like it.  You cannot stand to have a single burp left in your belly.  You cannot relax til you get it all out. And you poop so so so much!  I'm going to go broke buying diapers for you!

You are very tolerant of your big brother's loving.  You have your fussy time in the evenings-- usually while are trying to eat dinner!  But we make it work.  You wake up every morning and accompany me to drop Jake off at school.  The teachers and the babies in Jake's class make a big fuss over you every morning.

We are going to take a picture each month with the big teddy bear, so we can compare you to your brother.  But I wanted you to have your own thing, too... so you will also take a picture on your back.  I also learned my lesson with Jake-- rocking chairs are not so good for babies on the move.  It was great at first, but pretty treacherous after a few months.  So I'm hoping this method proves a little safer!

A comparison (Jake, top; Knox, bottom):

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Jake's 2nd Birthday Party

Still catching up!  Here's an oldie!

In all the commotion of waiting for baby, Jake celebrated his second birthday.  About eight different times.  But the true, formal celebration happened on the Saturday before Christmas.  Knowing I would likely not make it to January as a pregnant woman, I wanted to get the birthday party out of the way so I wouldn't have to miss it.

We had it a place-- not at our house.  It was awesome.  No cleaning before or after. Just show up, party, and leave.  We chose the Monkey Room-- an indoor playground in New Orleans.  What I liked about this place is that the party room adjoins the play area-- so you don't have to stop playing and move the whole operation to a separate area when it's time to eat and sing.  Since I knew we would have a lot of adults, I wanted this setup so that the adults could snack and mingle while kids played.  It was perfect.

Here's a Momma with a big ol belly and some friends!

Family all the way from New York! And of course, one of Jake's favorite playmates, Cindy!

And more friends!

I was so lucky to have my friend Angie make the most awesome Elmo cake for this Elmo-themed party.  Seriously, how awesome is this cake???

All of Jake's friends and family were there!  Everyone had so much fun playing-- especially the birthday boy.  He was nonstop-- up and down and all around that place!

When it came time to sing happy birthday, he got a little overwhelmed.  I don't think he realized what being the birthday boy meant-- he was unprepared for the whole party to sing to him.  And he was completely uninterested in eating cake, pizza, or anything.  He just wanted to play!  And the birthday boy gets his way, so we let him play!

He even got to go down the slides with his Great Grandparents!  Here's Nonie (left) sliding!

What a great day, full of great memories!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Knox's Birth Story

I wrote this several weeks ago while it was fresh in my mind. Between the tiredness of a new baby and my dern numb hands (pregnancy carpal tunnel that started around Christmas is only now starting to get better), I just couldn't get the words and photos all together to start posting.  Luckily, when it came to the birth, I had my good friend Kristy there to photography.  So this my story and her pictures.   Don't worry-- she stood behind my head and claims she did not see anything that would negatively affect our friendship.

Knox's Birth Story

It's amazing to me how similar two births of brothers can be.  The timeline was uncanny.  Jake was due on a Friday; Knox was due on a Friday.  I began real labor on a Monday for Jake; same for Knox.  Late that Monday night, around 11pm, I announced to Chris that it was time to go-- for both Jake & Knox.  I was exactly 38 weeks and 3 days when I went into labor for both boys.  How is that possible?  My body knows what it wants!

Knox's story actually begins on Sunday, December 29.  My goal was to have him on Saturday, December 28, but he did not agree.  On Saturday, nothing much was happening, save a few contractions.  On Sunday, I knew we were getting close.  I was having very few contractions, but I could just feel it.  Chris went to the Saints game; Jake and I visited both of his grandmothers during the game.  I made a few comments that I thought the next day might be it.

Because of my numb hands, I wasn't able to sleep very well Sunday night.  I woke up at 3am and could not get comfortable.  I was wide awake, so I went downstairs to watch TV.  This NEVER happens.  I sleep all night, every night.  Without fail.  No matter the circumstance.  Except when I have a tiny baby, but that hadn't happened just yet.  Something was just not right.  I began to notice the contractions were coming more often, so I downloaded and began to use a contraction timer.  For the three hours I was awake, they were 13-14 minutes apart.  Nothing to be alarmed about, but pretty consistent.

As a result of being awake for three hours in the middle of the night, I was pretty tired on Monday.  My mom came to get Jake just in case.  At the very least, I figured I could get some rest.  But more likely, he was leaving me until his little brother was born.  We packed him up for a few days and kissed our only child goodbye. I rested during the day, and timed contractions from time to time.  My friend Emily was still in town for the holidays, so we made plans to go to dinner with Rebecca.  I needed a distraction and it was a great chance to visit without having babies and husbands around.  During dinner, they were getting closer together-- more like 7 to 8 minutes apart.

After dinner, I got comfy in my bed; Chris was passed out on the sofa watching TV.  Around 11pm, they suddenly jumped to 4 minutes apart.  GO TIME!  We, once again, grabbed our bags, cameras, laptops, etc. and headed to the hospital.  By the time they got me hooked up, the contractions were 3 minutes apart and getting strong.  They checked me and said I was only 3cm dilated (but 80% effaced).  After 4 agonizing hours, where my contractions got to 1 minute apart, I was still only 3cm dilated.  I was afraid they would send me home and I'd have the baby in the parking lot.  Or at my house.  Or I'd get back to the hospital and it would be too late for an epidural.  I was near tears-- not from the pain, but from the fear of this not going as I had planned.  I made it to 6 centimeters with Jake before I even got an epidural; and this time, 3 cm felt worse!

Fortunately the nurses said the magic words-- "We're going to call the doctor on call and ask him what we should do."  I asked them to make sure they told the doctor on call the patient's name... because the doctor on call happened to be my uncle!  And the doctor on call did not suggest they send me home; rather he suggested the start the pitocin. And the nurse suggested to me that I get the epidural going before I got the pitocin. My contractions had slowed down and weakened considerably by this point.  And at around 5am, I got an IV (after 4 failed attempts) and an epidural.  And after about 1 drop of pitocin, I looked over on the monitor and those contractions were off the charts (so glad I listened about the epidural!).  By the time my doctor came about 3 hours later, I was ready.  He had me labor down for a bit while he saw a few patients with appointments at his office.

By now it was New Years Eve-- an odd time to be in the hospital!  The doctor came back a little before 11.  The room had been readied.  Family had arrived.  It was time to meet the new baby!

I started pushing at 11:03.

And at 11:07, Knox was born.

9 lbs 5 oz.  21.5 inches long.  Absolutely perfect.

They put him on my chest right away-- this was different than Jake's birth.  Then they cleaned him up.

Our new addition!

We called our family in so they could see him being measured and weighed.

It was all so surreal and perfect.  I get emotional just typing this up!!

Here are a few more photos that I just love...

If you think the second baby is any less exciting than the first, look at this paparazzi moment.  You are loved, baby Knox :)

Chris having fun with our L&D nurse right before the big event:

They said I couldn't drink water while I was in labor.  Absolutely killer.  I drink and drink all day long.  So the second the delivery was over, I had Chris bring me my beloved water bottle.

My mom and her baby and my baby.

Baby Knox's fan club.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

He's Here!

Hey Knox!  Looking goooood!!

You know what this means... I'm back.  Or, I'm trying to be back.  I have so many posts written that lack pictures.  And now I have pictures that lack posts.  I'm getting there.

I want to remember all the sweet moments of Knox as a baby, like I have for Jake.  I go back all the time and read what I wrote back then. And now I'm going back to compare Knox to Jake.  So stay tuned-- we'll be discussing birthday parties, Christmas & other holidays, Knox's birth story and much much more! 

Even if there's no one still reading this blog... I'll have it for me :)

Friday, January 3, 2014


Happy Birthday to my baby boy.  I cannot believe he is TWO.  Best two years ever.  This funny, sweet, loving little boy has brought us so much joy.  Slow down, time.  I don't want this baby to get too big too fast!!!

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